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CoolCV Emulator Cool CV Emulator Download

CoolCV is a ColecoVision Emulator © Copyright 2015 Oscar Toledo G. for Mac OS X (10.9.6 or higher), Linux, Windows and Raspberry Pi.

Click on the link above to download (2.2MB zip file).
Princess Quest and super_game_module_test ROM files are included.

Runs any Sega SG-1000 or ColecoVision ROM image, including Mega-Cart. Opcode's Super Game Module is active.

   Controller 1 supported, mapping is:

  Arrow keys = Directions
  SPACE BAR = Left fire button
  M = Right fire button

  0-9 = Keypad buttons
  O = Asterisk key
  P = # key

   Controller 2 supported, mapping is:

  W-A-S-D = Directions
  TAB = Left fire button
  Q = Right fire button

  R T Y = 1 2 3
  F G H = 4 5 6
  V B N = 7 8 9
  J K L = * 0 #

Press F1 to save snapshot (saved in /var/tmp/coolcv_snapshot.bin)
Press F2 to restore snapshot
Press F3 to pause emulator
Press F4 to switch between NTSC and PAL (forces reset)
Press F5 to enable/disable Roller Controller support
Press F6 to record a video (AVI with ZMBV codec)
Press F7 to enable/disable information of keys/joystick for configuration
Press F8 to switch speed of ADAM tape/disk between normal and ultrafast
Press F9 to record audio (WAV file)
Press F10 to save a screenshot (PNG file)
Press BACKSPACE to force reset

Most keys are configurable. Please read all documentation before running application.

For more information about CoolCV including previous versions and Q&A, click here.